About Us

Skoro International

Growing up working in the real estate and the construction industries, Dennis found inspiration early on and today owns a renovation/remodel company and also has a real estate brokerage. Having owned and managed multiple sales teams and teams of contractors, Dennis has a deep understanding of the sales cycle, and has a vast knowledge of available structures for putting together a deal.

“Sticking to timelines is everything in this industry” — DS

As a son from a large Croatian family, Dennis answered the call to work in the family business. The Skoro family came to America with a desire for a better way of life, and the quest for the “American Dream” was imprinted early in Dennis.

Growing up alongside his father, a strong work ethic and a commitment to honor one’s word was instilled. The Skoro family of builders craft custom homes in Oregon possesses a keen eye for structures, old or new. Dennis inherited this trait. As times and trends shift, Dennis adapts, continually seeking a thorough knowledge and understanding of all areas of the real estate market. Dennis is compelled to get the most for his clients and to become their trusted adviser. That’s how Dennis, and his team, will make the difference in your real estate experience.

In Dennis’ spare time, he enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures. He is fluent in the Croatian language and enjoys engaging with other cultures and languages. The Oregon outdoors is where Dennis loves to spend quality time with his family and friends and enjoying a nice glass of wine......did I mention they come from a long lineage of winemakers:)